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Goss's Wilt

Weird Side-Studies: Infecting Corn with Goss’s Wilt

Beyond our extensive research program and annual Ole & Sven plots, sometimes we tackle little side projects to try to learn about and solve more local […]

Goss’s Wilt Can be Prevented Today with 3 Key Steps

The snow is melting and the black of the fields in the Red River Valley is starting to show through. Although corn planting is still a […]

How to Prevent Goss’s Wilt Next Year

2017 has been an interesting year thus far with challenges throughout the growing season. One disease that is raising some questions is Goss’s Wilt. Goss’s Wilt […]

Goss’s Wilt Myths – Separating Fact from Fiction

Goss’s Wilt has been continuously on the rise in ND, SD, MN and surrounding states. If you raise corn or have a neighbor who does, you’ve probably […]

How Precision Ag Technology Can Pay in Lean Years

I’ve never heard a farmer proclaim, “Man, I wish I could go back to the days before autosteer and precision ag technology.” Similarly, I have never […]