In partnership with Equinom, Peterson Farms Seed is contracting for ultra-high protein, yellow field peas in a profitable, take-all contract.  

Here are the basics: 

  • Ultra-high protein. Our pea varieties are bred specifically to be protein powerhouses, with supercharged protein content prime for food processing. 
  • Powdery Mildew resistance. Originally bred for Canadian production, all Equinom pea varieties carry resistance to powdery mildew.  
  • Semi-leafless, good harvestability. These peas will be standing tall at harvest, making it easier on you, and the combine. 
  • Closed-loop, take-all contracts. From seed to elevator, we’ve got you covered! When you contract field pea acres, you are buying a Peterson Farms Seed product, processed and prepped in our Prosper, ND plant before delivery to you. The take-all contract means every bushel that meets minimum contract requirements will be trucked out, by us, to its final destination.  
  • Profitable contracts. Looking for a reason to give peas a try? This is your opportunity to add value to your farm’s bottom line.  Contract specifics are now available.   
  • Agronomic benefits? Check. Peas are a great opportunity to diversify your operation. Like soybeans, peas fix nitrogen and can provide a nitrogen credit for next season.  And because field peas use less water than wheat, soybeans, and corn, they are great to have in a rotation before corn to preserve subsoil moisture.