In partnership with Equinom, Peterson Farms Seed is contracting for ultra-high protein, yellow field peas in a profitable, take-all contract.  

Here are the basics: 

  • Ultra-high protein. Our pea varieties are bred specifically to be protein powerhouses, with supercharged protein content prime for food processing. 
  • Powdery Mildew resistance. Originally bred for Canadian production, all Equinom pea varieties carry resistance to powdery mildew.  
  • Semi-leafless, good harvestability. These peas will be standing tall at harvest, making it easier on you, and the combine. 
  • Closed-loop, take-all contracts. From seed to elevator, we’ve got you covered! When you contract field pea acres, you are buying a Peterson Farms Seed product, processed and prepped in our Prosper, ND plant before delivery to you. The take-all contract means every bushel that meets minimum contract requirements will be trucked out, by us, to its final destination.  
  • Profitable contracts. Looking for a reason to give peas a try? This is your opportunity to add value to your farm’s bottom line.  Contract specifics are now available.   
  • Agronomic benefits? Check. Peas are a great opportunity to diversify your operation. Like soybeans, peas fix nitrogen and can provide a nitrogen credit for next season.  And because field peas use less water than wheat, soybeans, and corn, they are great to have in a rotation before corn to preserve subsoil moisture. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where does the grower deliver his crop?

A: He doesn’t! Our logistics team will provide all transportation from the farm for this full production contract (full truckload quantities).

Q: Where does the grower pickup the seed?

A: We have dealer locations across North Dakota. Or ask us about early pickup at Peterson Farms Seed in Harwood, ND.

Q: How is the plant standability?

A: In 2022, these varieties grew to about 24 inches. All growers agreed they saw good standability. But, of course, results will vary with seasonal conditions.

Q: How does the protein premium compare to competitive contracts?

A: We have the best protein premiums in the industry with a guaranteed 75c premium. No one in the industry compares.

Q: Why plant peas?

A: Peas provide fertilizer benefits, so with high fertilizer prices, the improved soil health makes this crop an easy win. There is no need to put down nitrogen as the plant provides it for next year’s crop. In addition, they thrive on drier soils making peas a good rotational option to spread crop risk.

Q: Is there an Act of God clause?

A: Yes! This is a “take all” (in truckloads) contract. You aren’t vulnerable to weather.