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By focusing on your growth, not ours. That takes a relentless push for innovation and technology. That takes a rigorous testing program of more than 20,000 plots. And, above all, that takes a passionate team of agronomists committed to doing what it takes to help you raise more bushels.

Carl Peterson talks about the Peterson Farms Seed difference.

Corn Hybrids


Our corn hybrid lineup is selected each season by tapping into our team’s deep technical knowledge (ya, we have a Corn Whisperer), pouring over results from trials we replicate over and over again, and a bit of the ‘art’ of knowing what will work for our region’s farmers. Learn more about what it takes to make our corn line-up.

Soybean Varieties


Independence is big part of the Peterson Farms Seed difference. That independence means we’re friends with everyone and work with all the major trait innovators.  So you can pick the trait that’s best for your farm, knowing it’s packed with genetics proven to perform in this region. View our soybean line-up.







  • Peterson Farms Seed's genetics are second to none and their testing program is done in our same soil types. As long-time customers, we know we’re getting the best hybrids and varieties year after year for our farm. 72A91 has been our favorite corn for the last 3 years!
    Brandon Rust
    Harwood, ND
  • I like doing business with Peterson because they are a local, family owned business and I appreciate that they are focused on our region.
    Sam Balgaard
    Ashby, MN
  • My 1907E’s were the best bean on my farm by far. They were under water for several days, and several times this summer. I have never seen a soybean handle stress like this bean did. The Enlist herbicide is just as easy and effective as spraying Roundup was 10 years ago.
    Keith Monson
    Harwood, ND
  • Peterson Farms Seed has been an exceptional company to work with. The product line up for my area is bullet proof. The whole team at PFS cares about my operation and will always go the extra mile to help their customers succeed.
    Eric Bernhardt
    Linton, ND
  • Being a dealer and a grower I can tell you that there is nothing better than a quality product. With Peterson Farms Seed that’s what you know you are getting every time, nothing is short of top notch in anything they do. From the people that work there to the marketing and the products they always strive for the best and never settle for anything less.
    Hugh Hunt
    Hallock, MN
  • 76Y96 was my best corn on my farm in 2021. And the company stood up to their replant policy’s promise with our soybeans.
    Tyler Buttke
    Corona, SD
  • I always know what I’m going to get with Peterson Farm Seed: Quality products selected with my farm in mind and customer service that no one else can compete with. Year after year it’s a in depth plan with Elite Ag on specific product placement to create the best yield results. This year specifically with the tough, dry conditions the 2002Es maintained their reputation by holding strong throughout the year and finishing better then they probably should have.
    John Wesolowski
    Warren, MN
  • I continue to do business with Peterson Farms Seed and my local salesman Donny Skogen because Donny gives me top notch advice and service. He recommends the Peterson Farms Seed varieties that will work best on my farm. It has been a great relationship. all around.
    Brad Matteson
    Inkster, ND
  • The Peterson Farms Seed corn we have been using has been great for late season plant health. The plant holds together very well. Some of the other corn we have raised in the past would break over before harvest, making harvest difficult.
    Jeff Human
    Hazelton, ND
  • We planted 73S84 last year and are very impressed with it performance. Even in an extreme drought, we were able to harvest a field of corn… needless to say, we will be planting again this season.
    Donny Wiekenhieser
    Strasburg, ND
  • We buy the best from the best!
    Fred Kuehl
    Glyndon, MN
  • We run a corn and soybean rotation on our farm and in 2021 we needed the E3 soybean platform. Peterson Farms Seed portfolio fit our needs by bringing forward agronomics which resulted in great yields. Carl, Julie and their team constantly impress us with the quality of care each member takes with us as growers.
    Steve & Kathi Luther
    Enderlin, ND
  • Being new soybean growers in 2021, we elected to plant Peterson Farms Seed 18X008 and 21X007 soybeans. Looking at competitive varieties in the area, the Peterson varieties outperformed the competitors considerably. We are very happy with the offering of soybean varieties that Peterson Farms Seed offers and will be planting them again in 2022.
    Phil Zimmer
    Kenmare, ND
  • As a first time customer I am beyond happy with the performance of all the products I planted. The Peterson team really helped getting the right products on the right ground.
    Jay Hommerding
    Clarissa, MN
  • Tim Lyter
    My crop insurance agent told me that I have one of the highest APH’s around. It just goes to show that Peterson Farms Seed has the soybeans with the genetics and quality that works well on the land I farm.
    Tim Lyter
    Sanborn, ND
  • I plant Peterson because every acre matters and their genetics have proven themselves on my wide variety of soils and diverse weather patterns!
    Darren Ptacek
    Oakes, ND
  • I’ve planted both 74J89 and 17X04 on our farm and they have out-performed anything else I’ve ever tried.
    Alex Deis
    Linton, ND
  • I plant Peterson Farms Seed soybeans for the adaptable genetics for my diverse soil.
    Walker Waege
    South Shore, SD
  • Kevin Martin
    The quality seed and agronomic support Peterson Farms Seed offers is outstanding. Proven yields show up year after year.
    Kevin Martin
    Moorhead, MN
  • 22T83 exceeded my expectations this year with the dry weather we experienced. It stood through harvest and yielded very well all while drying down to 14% moisture.  It will be a big part of my corn plans for years to come.
    Justin Grinde
    Hillsboro, ND
  • Our farm switched nearly all of our soybean acres to Peterson two years ago.  These last two years have been the best yielding beans we have ever raised.
    Kent Blackwelder
    Chokio, MN
  • We grew 1905B’s in 2019. They handled my heavy soils and all the rain better than I’ve ever seen a soybean do. They ended up yielding 51 bu/A and were the best soybean on my farm. I plan to grow a lot more of these in 2020. Having the option to spray Roundup or Liberty has effectively led to cleaner fields, especially the field edges!
    Heiden Farms
    Gardner, ND
  • Nate Haag
    We've planted 100% of our acres to Peterson Farms Seed the past two years, and the results have been fantastic.
    Nate Haag
    Eden Valley, MN