Our Ag Team is the cream of the crop.

We wouldn’t be successful without their expertise, and their Midwestern roots means they understand what it means to be a farmer up here.


Meet Our Ag Team

Carl Peterson

President CCA

Julie Peterson

Vice President

Scott Sanders

General Manager

Tyler Erickson

Sales Director

Mike Larson

Sales Manager CCA

Rick Swenson

Lead Agronomist

Dennis Schultze

Product Manager

Nolan Berg

Precision Systems Agronomist

Troy Wiegandt

Technical Agronomist / Hunter Sales Agronomist

Paul Bromley

Northwest North Dakota

Craig LaVoi

Southwest Minnesota CCA

Mike Sorby

West Central Minnesota, CCA

Danni Sanders

East Central ND/West Central MN

Jeff Olson

Central North Dakota CCA

Kayla Voeller

NW Minnesota/NE North Dakota

Kyle Kremer

Southeast ND / Northeast SD, CCA

Travis Winter

East Central Minnesota

Cody Olson

Eastern South Dakota

Drew Roden

Prosper Sales Agronomist

Michael Shutt

Prosper Sales Agronomist

Jade Albrecht

Kindred Sales Agronomist CCA

Tylor Johnson

Kindred Sales Agronomist CCA

Kaelin Kyllo

Hunter Sales Agronomist CCA

Claire Triplett

Regional Sales Agronomist - Southern MN

Reed Erickson

Regional Sales Agronomist - Eastern ND/Western MN

Kelli Bowen


Sheena Schmitt

Sales Support

Whitney Polejewski

Grower Service / Sales Support