We’re loyal to farmers above all else, so the only question that really matters is, “why buy Peterson Farms Seed?”

Simply put, we are:


Integrity is what we’re built on. We follow the Golden Rule by treating our customers the way we’d want to be treated. To us, who we are is more important than how much seed we sell.


We are independent. With access to all of the best genetics and trait technology, we carefully choose the very best for our corn hybrids and soybean varieties that are proven to perform in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


We focus solely on the tri-state area. Thanks to our rigorous replicated testing performed right here in this soil, we know where and—more importantly—where not to plant each hybrid and variety.


We won’t skimp on quality. Ever. We run the largest independent testing program in the region; more than 33,000 soybean and 14,000 corn plots across the tri-state area.

We also require higher-than-industry standards in every quality measure for corn and soybeans. In fact, we target 94% germination for our soybeans.