Our soybean seed is backed by our team of agronomists and has been tested several times. We know our soybean varieties work. Whether you’re farming in Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota, our soybean seed is proven to perform in the Upper Midwest.

How do we choose what to offer in our soybean variety lineup each season?

It’s a science and an art combining the technical knowledge of our research and agronomy team, repetition of trials over and over again, and dirty boots (and even dirtier pickups) that have done the hard work of learning exactly how each variety will perform. And it’s done in the Upper Midwest right where you farm.

What does it take to win a spot in our soybean lineup?

  1. Agronomic traits for our conditions – IDC, Phytophthora, BSR
  2. Proven performance in this region’s soils
  3. SCN resistance
  4. Strong plant structure
  5. Herbicide trait options
  6. Maturities for our Northern region
  7. Top-end yields

View our soybean varieties:

P3 Genetics: Enlist E3® and LibertyLink® GT27® varieties

Peterson Farms Seed: Enlist E3®, Roundup Ready 2Yield®, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and XtendFlex® varieties

We Don’t Stop There

Once we’re happy with the characteristics, the variety undergoes a rigorous replicated testing process.

To make our lineup, the seed is tested again and again across Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota in various growing conditions. Only then, are we satisfied it meets our criteria and are confident putting our name on it.





Tim Lyter

Tim Lyter, Sanborn, ND

My crop insurance agent told me that I have one of the highest APH’s around. It just goes to show that Peterson Farms Seed has the soybeans with the genetics and quality that works well on the land I farm.