Seeking Partners In Key Areas

We’re looking for great partners in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota to bring our field-proven products to local farmers. 



Currently A Seed Dealer? Consider Adding Peterson Farms Seed To Your Line-Up. 

We do things differently.

  • The other guys may call you a dealer. To us, you’re a partner.
  • We’re laser-focused on the tri-state area. That means the seed you sell is proven to perform in this region.
  • Our programs are clear and simple. There are no hoops to jump through and no fine print.
  • We guaranteed we will do what we say, making your job easier.
  • We’re independent, so we only answer to farmers—not Wall Street or investors.

Thinking About Becoming A Seed Dealer?

Becoming a Peterson Farms Seed partner is a great way to supplement your farming income, while helping yourself and your neighbors.

We provide:

  • Agronomic support and sales training.
  • Access to data from the largest replicated testing program in the Upper Midwest.
  • Ag Tech trainings and resources.
  • Support to help get your new business off the ground and running.

If you get why all this matters, then you may be our kind of partner.

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    Nate Haag

    Eden Valley, MN

    We've planted 100% of our acres to Peterson Farms Seed the past two years, and the results have been fantastic.

    Tim Lyter

    Sanborn, ND

    My crop insurance agent told me that I have one of the highest APH’s around. It just goes to show that Peterson Farms Seed has the soybeans with the genetics and quality that works well on the land I farm.

    Andrew Austinson

    Ulen, MN

    I plant Peterson Farms Seed because they have an adaptive product that works well on all my ground. Additionally, the customer service provided to me by my dealer is excellent.