At Peterson Farms Seed, we have a long history of doing the right thing, not the easy thing. From our insanely high-quality standards (94% germination on soybeans) to running the largest replicated research program in the Upper Midwest, we put in the work to make sure the products that make our line-up will perform right here where you farm.

Sure, it would be far easier to just sell you seed. But our goal is to help you raise more bushels.

Because at Peterson Farms Seed, we’re THAT Kind of Seed Company.


Corn Hybrids

Our corn hybrid lineup is selected each season by tapping into our team’s deep technical knowledge (ya, we have a Corn Whisperer), pouring over results from trials we replicate over and over again, and a bit of the ‘art’ of knowing what will work for our region’s farmers.


P3 Genetics: Enlist E3 soybeans

With P3™ Genetics soybeans, you get the hard-working products your farm needs backed by the Peterson Farms Seed promise: “We Will Sell No Seed We Wouldn’t be Happy to Plant on Our Own Farm.”


Peterson Farms Seed Soybeans: Enlist E3, RR2 Xtend, XtendFlex and RR2 Yield

The soybean seeds in our line-up are developed specifically for our regional soils, backed by a team of agronomists ready to do everything they can to help you maximize yields and profits.





Nate Haag

Eden Valley, MN

We've planted 100% of our acres to Peterson Farms Seed the past two years, and the results have been fantastic.

Andrew Austinson

Ulen, MN

I plant Peterson Farms Seed because they have an adaptive product that works well on all my ground. Additionally, the customer service provided to me by my dealer is excellent.

Tim Lyter

Sanborn, ND

My crop insurance agent told me that I have one of the highest APH’s around. It just goes to show that Peterson Farms Seed has the soybeans with the genetics and quality that works well on the land I farm.